Do Catalan wines go well with Catalan speaking bands? Well, not necessarily, but I would actually dare to say that good Catalan wine makes a perfect match with good Catalan music.

Lately here at Casa we’ve been listening to Animic, a Catalan band that has just released their third album. I hadn’t listened to their former albums much, but I find this last one, called Hannah, exquisite. Their former album covers are beautiful, and that of the new album already denotes more complexity, more seriousness, and, just like the record, a more nocturnal atmosphere.

The vocal quality of the album is as surprising as the care taken over the music, which you can really feel in this musical production.


In this record, the band combines songs in Catalan with songs in English. They have a highly theatrical touch to them, which surprises me and strikes me as more unusual and new when sung in English. I can’t imagine any wine with this band, I find what they do so magical that little by little, the urge to open a bottle of cava arises in me. One with delicate bubbles and plenty of aging time. I open a 48-month-old Brut Nature, I serve two glasses and am surprised by its persistent mousse. The strings, always present in this album, are at their peak, but without losing their respect for the vocals. In my mouth, I think that out of all our cava, this is the one that best conserves the strength of the Xarel·lo, the delicacy of the Macabeo and the freshness of the Parellada. It’s harmonious. To finish, when the record is coming to an end, one discovers a song called Wine Drops (aha!), a waltz that makes the two glasses meet, the two mousses persist, and slowly, but marking the rhythm, the record ends: Animic+Cava Brut Nature 48 months.