A year has gone by since the new Casa Mariol wine collection saw the light at the Alimentaria Fair in May of 2010. We set up a small booth there, which gave some indication of what the Casa Mariol universe would be like. The stand gave plenty of visibility to the new collection, and thanks to our work in distribution and to many clients who committed to our products, today Casa Mariol has a strong presence within our natural market: Catalonia.


Last year, we travelled to Rotterdam with the guys from the Bendita Gloria studio. We went the European Design Awards to collect a prize for the limited edition wine we had released to celebrate the arrival of 2010. On our travels, we came across this house, painted with the same shades as our Merlot Cupatge Dinamic. It was obviously a sign. Its meaning? We’ll leave that for the Comments section…

merlot cupatge

Bulk wines

Bulk wine shops in Barcelona are perhaps some of the most genuine local spaces in town. In a city ruled by design, where franchises, designer shops and bars are increasingly common, traditional wine shops offering bulk wine are now an emblem of the traditional, historical, and original Barcelona.

To enter a shop of bulk wine in the city is quite an olfactory experience. The perfume that impregnates these spaces is hard to explain. It is a communion of fresh wines and oak, aromatic herbs from the vermouth, and sweet aromas -with a musty touch- from the more mature wines and liqueurs.

Bulk wine is clearly an alternative to the huge offer of bottled wine on the market. Bulk wine is for daily consumption. It is sometimes called tranquil wine, and is less refined than bottled wine, but belongs to pure tradition, as we cannot do without it if we are to understand each region’s idiosyncrasies and elaboration processes. On the other hand, this wine is less costly, and the reusable containers used to buy it makes this product the most eco-friendly one on the market.

In MARIOL’s Barcelona based shops, we offer a broad variety of bulk wine: white, rosé, and red wine of different varieties -sweet or dry-, as well as liqueurs such as vermouth, mistelle, muscatel, and mellow wine. We also age natural wine vinegar.

The public that regularly comes to buy bulk wine gives the shop its peculiar style. They are people with daily routines, and also often young people who have recently started consuming bulk wine; who always have wine on their table. In Casa, we will continue to offer and safeguard this tradition. We cannot imagine our shops without that characteristic smell, nor can we imagine a Barcelona without its bulk wine shops.

Remember that if you bring your own recipient, you won’t have to buy one.

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