It is unusual for me to speak about a South African rap band and to suddenly try to argue why I would recommend a young Grenache Noir wine to go with it. The dryness needed to cultivate Grenache strongly reminds me of the suffocating style of this enigmatic band. The Grenache from Casa is shamelessly young, very fresh with a blue rim; it’s not too full bodied, but it has its ways. Perhaps such a powerfully alcoholic band calls for a calorific wine, and this varietal’s lack of acidity allows you to consume it pleasantly and to follow the rap. A Grenache wine from the Terra Alta is considered highly exotic in certain markets, it’s a very universal variety that has a local touch in the Terra Alta, and which has great opportunities in the international market.

die antwoord

Die Antwoord + Grenache Noir: sounds like it might just be a hit.