This thing about pairing music and wine is going to be fun. If wine tastes better with certain types of food, ¿Why wouldn’t it taste better according to the music? The positive experience wine drinking is conditioned by various circumstances. It makes sense to think that if we choose a particular wine to have a good time, we could also take care of other elements such as music, hairstyles, lipstick shades, or even the chair we sit on. We take in anything that might make that moment a better one, and, because at Casa we like to do just that, from today onwards, and, hopefully for a long time after that, you’ll find articles where we speak about the marriage of music and wine, in other words, about having a good time, just by clicking on “music”.

keren ann

Keren Ann is one of those inspiring musicians we love to listen to. We like the fact that her lyrics speak of moments where wine appears -such as in All the Beautiful Girls-, and how her lyrics describe spaces without missing a single detail of the mood and overall picture of the song.
In her latest album, this cosmopolitan musician (from an Israeli background, but born in The Netherlands and now living in France) already has a much more mature air to her; she is not your typical folk singer who is stuck on her guitar. Instead, all her records maintain a freshness that surprises us in their attempt to approach different styles.
The Syrah could be one of those varieties that would make a good match with 101. As we grow old, the Syrah acquires great character. The Syrah from Casa conserves all its elegance but surprises us with spicy touches and a prolonged end note with some memories of black olives that won’t let you miss a beat. Every note is important, and so is every detail in the song. When the record comes to an end, the presence of the tannins won’t let you forget what you’re drinking, or what you’re listening to: Syrah and Keren.