Off Menu

From March 24 to March 29, Barcelona will host the first edition of Off Menu with different proposals, and the clear purpose of celebrating food, its flavors, its knowledge and its ceremonies.

Off Menu was born in 2012 as a non-profit independent collective, with a global view, a lot of illusion, much hunger and no taste for light.

Food belongs to all of us: it deserves an off the menu celebration.

Casa Mariol is part of the Off Menu collective and organized the first activity of program: El Vall del Vermut.

Very few people continue to pay hommage to Vermouth with a matinée dancing session. In the hometown of the Mariol family, Batea, the aperitive is sipped to the rhythm of pasodoble and folk music. Casa Mariol creates Vermouth from its origin as a winemaker and brings to Barcelona a new form of consuming its locally made artisanal Vermouth. Orchestra, olives, rythm and vermouth from the Casa are the ingredients of this nostalgic proposal by the Terra Alta winemakers.

Ball del Vermut
12/15 h
Casa de Aragón. Joaquín Costa, 68.

The dance session will be performed by the  Great Premier band.

Limited capacity, reserve your place at