I inverted the process today. I’ve thought about which music I would like to listen to with a glass of rosé in my hand, and quickly thought about pop music... but the experiment didn’t turn out so well. Certain rosés, when combined with overly melodic music, can turn out to be a bit too cheesy. I went over my record collection and took a good few out of their sleeves, pressed play and breathed in the Cupatge Dinamic Rosé made with Merlot and Syrah, but the combination didn’t quite work. That’s what sommeliers would call contrasted pairing; they’re there to prove just how important matchmaking is. Pop music with our Merlot and Syrah rosé: the floral and fruity undertones in the mouth give an energy and impact that pop music doesn’t need. I wouldn’t say that a rosé wine works with pop music. Both pop music and rosé wines have not gained much respect in each of their fields, yet both of them have a great many followers, they are both attractive, consumer friendly products.

beach house

Out of all the pop I’ve listened to that didn’t quite fit with the wine, Beach House was perhaps the band that least appealed to me together with the rosé. When I thought about the wine, I thought about sexiness, and this band doesn’t need any more sexiness. The so-called “dream pop” band takes a trip through psychedelia using organs, keyboards and pianos, sounds that are all too intense and evocative for the company of our rosé wine.

I stay on with Beach House, but I still don’t know what I want to listen to whilst drinking this rosé.


A year has gone by since the new Casa Mariol wine collection saw the light at the Alimentaria Fair in May of 2010. We set up a small booth there, which gave some indication of what the Casa Mariol universe would be like. The stand gave plenty of visibility to the new collection, and thanks to our work in distribution and to many clients who committed to our products, today Casa Mariol has a strong presence within our natural market: Catalonia.


Last year, we travelled to Rotterdam with the guys from the Bendita Gloria studio. We went the European Design Awards to collect a prize for the limited edition wine we had released to celebrate the arrival of 2010. On our travels, we came across this house, painted with the same shades as our Merlot Cupatge Dinamic. It was obviously a sign. Its meaning? We’ll leave that for the Comments section…

merlot cupatge