Prix Gourmet Marie Claire 2013

¡El Vermut de CASA MARIOL premiado en los Prix Gourmet Marie Claire 2013 como mejor producto gastronómico del año!

Casa Mariol in the Spanish Accent in Design

Casa Mariol has been selected for the exhibition “Desigñ. Spanish Accent in Design", organized by ENISA (National Enterprise for Innovation) and the Instituto Cervantes. "Desigñ" shows a creative panorama with a special attention given to Spanish design with an international audience. Commissioner Ramón Úbeda, designer and journalist, has also chosen the designs of Celler del Roure (Daniel Nebot),El picaro de Matsu (Moruba) and Lascala (Eduardo del Fraile). The show will travel to different venues of the Instituto Cervantes during 2012, don't miss it!


Nuestros vinos han sido galardonados con distintos premios de diseño nacionales e internacionales. Destacamos especialmente estos cuatro:

Premios diseño gráfico para Casa Mariol y estudio Bendita Gloria

(Laus 2011, Gold / Laus 2010, Gold / European Design Awards 2010, Gold / D&Ad 2011, Inbook)

Estamos contentos de poder compartir estos premios con el estudio de diseño Bendita Gloria, responsable de nuestra imagen.

Casa Mariol at Central Saint Martins

Pretty—Ugly was a series of events organised by the second year students of MA Communication design at Central Saint Martins.
We're happy to be part of the show.

Exhibition at Central Saint MartinsExhibition at Central Saint MartinsExhibition at Central Saint Martins

Editors: Angela Pescolderung, Hana Tanimura, Isabel Sierra y Gómez de Leon, Jens Dan Johansen and Shi Yuan.


A year has gone by since the new Casa Mariol wine collection saw the light at the Alimentaria Fair in May of 2010. We set up a small booth there, which gave some indication of what the Casa Mariol universe would be like. The stand gave plenty of visibility to the new collection, and thanks to our work in distribution and to many clients who committed to our products, today Casa Mariol has a strong presence within our natural market: Catalonia.


Last year, we travelled to Rotterdam with the guys from the Bendita Gloria studio. We went the European Design Awards to collect a prize for the limited edition wine we had released to celebrate the arrival of 2010. On our travels, we came across this house, painted with the same shades as our Merlot Cupatge Dinamic. It was obviously a sign. Its meaning? We’ll leave that for the Comments section…

merlot cupatge