2010 is the name of a wine to share with friends and celebrate the beginning of the new year. This product has been elaborated using organic farming methods without herbicides, pesticides or aggressive chemical filtrations. It’s a limited numbered edition of 2010 bottles.



The label wraps the bottle with the help of a rubber band without using adhesives. Once the wine is finished, the bottle can be returned and the label has also a second life as a poster with this message about 2010: “Got a feeling it’s gonna be a good year”. Cheers!



Our 2010 wine gave us many joys, among them, the GOLD at the European Design Awards to the best alcoholic drinks packaging 2009. We went to Rotterdam to get the award with our designers Bendita Gloria.

European Design Awards Ceremony 2010

On Christmas we sang the alltime Christmas songs, we got artificial snow and the Three Kings were generous.