• Més de cent anys dedicats a la terra i a l’elaboració de vins a la Terra Alta.
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Celler Mariol is a third generation family winery, founded in 1945. It is situated in Batea, Terra Alta, a small region tucked away in the south of Catalonia, where the wine sector is of great significance and bears tradition. The dry Mediterranean climate, mostly calcareous soils and combination of two prevailing winds, the dry north (el cierzo) and moist southeast (el garbí), provide optimal conditions for growing grapes. These factors, along with the esteem for our 50 hectares of vineyards as well as other small farms in the region, allow us to make our wines and vermouths, products that reflect the uniqueness of our territory and people.
Our clear and strong commitment to sustainable agriculture is how we contribute to the care and protection of the landscape and how we foster our people’s roots.

At Celler Mariol we are dedicated to producing fine single-variety vermouths and wines, in bottles with a very distinct design by German art director, Mirko Borsche.


Our grandparents, Josep Maria Bes and Josefina Aguiló, started selling homemade wine in some major markets in the area. In 1971, our parents, Josep Vaquer and Emília Llop, took over the winery. They were pioneers in the region in growing and bottling Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon, truly ground-breaking and sophisticated varieties in the 1980s.

The third and current generation of the winery, Josep Maria, Miquel Àngel and Marta Vaquer, are developing a new concept and culture of wine that we transmit and express with the image of our products. What’s our philosophy? To bring wine to as many people as possible, making use of its socialising power. We want a wine that is unapologetic, exciting and available to all. Cheers!


Our vineyards tell the story of us and our surroundings, from planting and cultivating foreign varieties – Syrah, Cabernet and Merlot – in the 1980s, the return of the most ancient tradition with the ennoblement of the Garnacha grapes from Terra Alta, to experimenting with varieties such as Verdejo. Our vineyards are avant-garde and intriguing, yet cultivate the tradition.


Our commitment to not interfere in our territory’s complex ecosystem is achieved by growing grapes in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Our CASA MARIOL GARNATXA BLANCA and CASA MARIOL GARNATXA NEGRA wines have been certified to organic standards and theremaining varieties will obtain this certificate in the near future.


Our incessant passion for learning, listening and exploring new trends allows us to make vermouths, wines and spirits which taste of surprise and excitement that amaze everyone.
To show that we care about current sensibilities, our products have been Vegan certified since 2019 to guarantee that no substances of animal origin have been used at any stage of the production of our vermouths and wines.


We like to say that we are one big family and our vermouths and wines are the fruit of the enthusiasm and work of the entire Casa Mariol team. Josep Maria is our winemaker and manager and Artur – his right hand. David and Jonatan ensure all orders are successful; Gonzalo and Iolanda are responsible for numbers and purchases. Arturas and Adrià take care of the wines until they leave the winery and Xavi, Joe and Marta make up our commercial team. So now you know us all! Do you know our wines?


For us, ensuring the peace of mind of our customers is synonymous with efficiency. That is why we put a lot of effort into the traceability, control and analysis of wines and grapes. Our control laboratory is key to Casa Mariol’s day to day; the cherry on top that guarantees the highest quality of our products.