Prowein Goes City.

Exciting announcement!

We are thrilled to share that Vermut Casa Mariol, will shine at the prestigious Classic Remise in Düsseldorf, representing the vibrant spirit and tradition of Catalan vermouth as part of the Prowein Goes the City program!

Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating the magic of vermouth, a super fancy and cool elixir, while still honouring its deep-rooted traditions.

Organised by Destination Düsseldorf, this event promises a charming blend of elegance and authenticity. Let’s toast while enjoying the exciting spirit of Vermouth Casa Mariol.

What is Prowein Goes City?

While ProWein is aimed at industry professionals, “ProWein goes city” from March 7th to March 12th, 2024 brings together end consumers, restaurants, wine merchants, and international wineries. And it has been doing so successfully since 2007. Thousands of gourmets participate each year to take part in wine tastings at wine shops, enjoy moderated wine menus, or experience exceptional events under the motto “Wine meets art, music, or design“. This will also be the case at the upcoming ProWein, starting three days before the fair on March 7th. Both international visitors to Düsseldorf and end consumers are welcome at ProWein goes city. The fair’s theme is reflected throughout the city and the region.

In 2024, 58 restaurants, hotels, and specialized shops join with over 100 events in the joint initiative of the Düsseldorf Fair and the Destination Düsseldorf economic association. From Georgian wine evenings or Japanese sake tastings to exciting blind tastings or the popular falstaff Big Bottle Party, presentations by young wineries or wine tastings with elite international producers: the offering is diverse. Champagne and cocktail lovers can also enjoy numerous tastings with effervescent and high-alcohol pleasures at ProWein goes city.

Wine tastings with DJs in a relaxed atmosphere ensure a peaceful end to the fair. Wineries from all major European wine nations are represented, as are overseas producers. From free wine tastings to exclusive champagne tastings for €350, every wine lover will find their event here.

Are you in Düsseldorf? We’re waiting for you!!!


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